What Sales People Really Want

I started my career in a sales recruiting role with an innovative startup that set out to provide guidance and opportunities for salespeople, and to council and support rapidly growing Silicon Valley tech companies.

In talking with possibly thousands of sales professionals, I heard a common theme in what they were looking for in a new opportunity. They wanted money (no surprise there), but they also wanted support, a place where they can hit their number and – this is big – not to be micro-managed. Salespeople dread those tedious weekly meetings with over-zealous sales leadership where they walk through every opportunity and discuss the progress or lack of progress with every deal in the pipeline. At the end of the day, a salesperson wants to close as many deals as possible without having someone breathing down their neck.

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In talking with dozens of VPs of Sales, their ask was very straight forward – they wanted candidates who were going to perform and hit their number. They wanted reps that they didn’t have to micromanage.

If these wants are aligned, then why is it that the majority of sales organizations still have an over-the-shoulder approach, with too little coaching and too much hammering of reps?

It’s a complex question, but one that goes back to forecast visibility or the lack thereof. The status quo is for the VP of Sales to rely on subjective information from the rep and hope that what’s being said is accurate – this leads to distrust and spirals into the situation I outlined above.

After seeing this pain with candidate after candidate and VP after VP, it was clear that there was a market for a solution to this problem. And that’s what attracted me to Datahug. It was clear that this is a prevalent problem and if we can provide more visibility around what’s truly happening in deals, salespeople and sales managers can spend more time doing the things they’re paid to do – like selling, coaching and closing business.

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