What is B2B Social Selling?

Social Selling, Social Sales, whatever you want to call it is seriously important right now. So what is it? How does it work? Why is it the greatest thing ever, and why should you do it right now?

Right now, there are buyers the world over who want what you’ve got to sell. They have a need, they have a timeframe for purchase, they even have budget. Your goal is to get right in front of them.

A Mini-Guide:

The Salesforce.com Blog has a mini-guide to social selling available here. The main takeaways are:

  • All selling is social. Always has been. Always will be.
  • 69% of respondents to their social selling survey said the buying process is changing faster than sales organizations can keep up.
  • 93% have received no training in using social media (53% want help doing so)
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Companies are listening to see how well their marketing campaigns are performing, to get ideas or feedback on products or services, and understand any service issues or product issues. We’re in the era of insight. It’s important to use the data that you capture through listening to further the sales process.

There are many social listening tools out there right now – namely Hootsuite and Radian6.

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Begin listening to your target customers – monitor keywords that they mention relating to your business and the problems that you hope to provide solutions for. Begin to understand your customers and how they express their frustrations online. Follow thought leaders in your industry and make lists of the common pain points experienced every day. These are the insights required to start the discussion about solutions. You will be benefiting from their transparency online, and they will be benefiting from your knight in shining armour status.

Here’s a great small blog post about social engagement – Social Media Today


There’s a theory that sales teams can monitor their prospects and engage when the time is right through an expressed need by the opportunity, rather than constantly “following up” blindly. You need to build a robust process for this to work correctly, but in our opinion, it works just great!

Show that you know your client, you’re aware of their needs and wants, and offer the perfect solution. They are your sweet-spot clients after all, because you put the time in to looking for them.


It’s best to create an entire spider web of relationships in order to maximize your selling potential to businesses. The plan is to engage multiple decision makers, not just one. Enter – Datahug. We help you identify these relationships AND automatically enter them into your CRM. Come talk to us on Twitter.

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