Webinar: Building the Sales Machine

Presented by Russ Hearl, VP Sales at Datahug

Many sales leaders are able to apply their knowledge towards improving and scaling an existing sales organization. But only a few sales leaders possess the valuable ability to build a high-velocity sales machine from the group up. After all, optimizing each stage of the sales funnel is no simple task.

Before Datahug, Russ Hearl was VP of Sales at DoubleDutch, where he led the company from $250K ARR to over $20 million ARR in under 3 years. Under his leadership, DoubleDutch grew to become one of the fastest venture-backed software companies in the world. With his wealth of knowledge in business and sales, Russ was instrumental in developing the company at an accelerated pace by creating one of the most process and data-driven sales engines anywhere.

This webinar took place on April 14th, 2016 at 11AM PST. You can access a recording below. Whether your challenge lies in implementing sales effectiveness training or growing a stellar sales team, Russ has done it all and more.

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