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We decided it might be interesting to do an article on Social Media for Sales Executives, and uncovered a few nuggets. Using Social Media to benefit your prospecting is tricky, especially considering how busy we all are. But there are lots of great reasons to take some time each day to catch up with the world. It’s what newspapers used to be for. But now with Social Media, there’s more than one point of view, and you get up to the minute news, provided you look in the correct places.

Social Media

There’s a great HubSpot article called “A Busy Sales Executive’s Guide to Actually Using Social Media”, which breaks social media activities into three separate buckets. The original article can be found here. Here’s my take:

Bucket #1: Mission Critical Things That I Want to Know About – There are now companies that monitor social media for you and send you up to date information as your customers vent on Twitter or Facebook etc. Check out Radian 6.

Bucket #2: Activities I Want to Know About, but if I Miss Them, That’s Okay – The HubSpot writer suggests that you set up a feed to gather general chatter relating to your company and industry. If it’s information overload when you go to check it in the morning, ignore!

Bucket #3: Posts I Can Afford to Miss – These are posts by prospects, and are only to be checked if there’s nothing else to do!

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Key takeaway: Don’t get bogged down in Social Media. If you are a Sales Executive, you should use it when you are not busy, and treat it like an extra area of insight to help you win more sales.


The next article of interest is titled “Top LinkedIn Tips for Busy Executives”. The original article can be found here. Here’s my take:

LinkedIn is great for networking, and getting involved with groups of like-minded people. You should try to spend time digging in to the groups that relate to your industry. There are always questions where you have a suggestion to offer. And, when you answer a question,you will see more people visit your profile to see where your experience comes from. They might see your company name, and this invaluable connection might generate a lead. You suggest solutions, demonstrate your value, and hopefully gain some new clients. But, don’t try to explicitly market your company or product. You’re there to help or ask questions, NOT sell.

There’s a really neat recommendation for the amount of connections you should strive for. I don’t know whether this is true or not: Take your age, and multiply it by 10 to determine the minimum number of connections you should have.


And finally, Social Media Today has a nice article titled “Dr. Seuss’s Guide to Twitter for Busy Executives”. The author emphasizes the need to engage in Social Media activity, regardless of the amount of time it takes or how busy a Sales Rep is. Read the article here.

I love the rhyming Dr. Seuss infographic, and it gives great advice on how to increase engagement and followers. A quick summary:

  1. Don’t Spam
  2. Give messages some time – Don’t send 10 at once!
  3. Schedule your tweets!
  4. Tweet about other things, not just your company!
  5. Quick responses are key! Especially to negative comments.
  6. Keep hash-tags short and sweet!

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