Real Relationship Sales

The Myth

There’s a myth surrounding Relationship Sales – that it’s the same as Social Selling. So, in this post, we’re going to explain the difference, and how you can capitalize on this new trend.

Social Selling

All selling is social, but Social Selling as a modern term refers to prospect engagement via social channels. Customers no longer need to rely on what’s on your site to learn about your company. They can talk to each other, talk to you, and find out both the good and bad. Increasingly, your website is the last place they look for info – they know websites are designed to sell!

Relationship Sales

Relationship Sales is about building a friendship or relationship with your prospects and listening to their needs. This may sound the same as Social Selling, but it’s not. Relationship Sales relies on hard data in order to generate success.

How do we gather, monitor and exploit this data?

Gathering this data is an ongoing process within your organization, but you don’t know it. You are gathering relationship information, communications patterns, and a complex web of interconnected colleagues and prospects, but not doing very much with this data. Why? It is invisible to you and the rest of your Sales Team.

Monitoring your relationships is the first step to generating new benefits and improving your sales successes. It may be possible to monitor communications within your CRM but you won’t get an accurate up-to-date visual picture, much less have any way to action this new insight. And that’s where we can offer our expertise.

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The Plug

Datahug monitors and collects this communication data from your email and provides a detailed visual app inside or outside your CRM. This app shows ongoing connections and deals that are going well. More important, you will have a visual view of waning relationships allowing you to take evasive action.

When you monitor your relationships in a visual way, and you can see which deals will close, and which won’t. You can see which deals need more reach out from your Sales Teams. You can start to develop more accurate forecasts to help monitor and drive sales successfully. You can see connections that exist within your company that you didn’t know were there!

salesforce demo account 3

Datahug App in View showing All Connections at Account

The Best Bit

You can keep track of key relationships and closed deals and make sure that they are maintained. This will help you to grow revenue at existing accounts, via up-sell and cross sales.

Relationship Sales as a process is only just becoming real and tangible. Early adopters are taking advantage of the boost that their sales figures are gaining in comparison to competitors.

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