How To: Proper Product Messaging

HubSpot has been writing killer content for years now. We’ve pulled together a few excellent points from their post titled “Features vs. Benefits: A Crash Course on Proper Messaging”.

You can read their full post here.

It can be a little tricky to write content with your target customers in mind. You don’t want to condescend or preach. Writing about features was the traditional approach to product descriptions. As products and services are becoming more complicated and integrated, listing features has become a chore to write as well as to read!

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Enter the benefits-centric approach!


  • always make sure you’re creating content that is valuable and helpful to your audience

The features heavy approach is bad because:

    • Don’t always assume prior knowledge for your customers
    • You may alienate readers as you are writing at a high level
    • Writing about features is fine, but there’s no story there

The benefits-centric approach is great because:

    • There is no need to remove the assumption of technical knowledge, because you won’t be writing about anything technical
    • Talking to the lowest common denominator doesn’t limit your audience
    • You can emphasise time savings or other similar selling point to the delight of your prospects

There’s no need to spout endless lists of technical jargon to emphasize every little nugget that your product or service can accomplish. List the key benefits that will work for your target customer. And enjoy writing about them as much as your customer will enjoy using your product.

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