Datahug Welcomes Don Otvos – by Ray Smith

I’m proud to welcome Don Otvos as our VP of Inside Sales and Sales Operations at Datahug. Don has over 20 years’ experience in high-tech sales leadership at companies like Yammer and App Annie. It is a huge moment for us as Don is one of the best known and well respected Sales Operations professionals in Silicon Valley.

I was first introduced to Don just over six months ago. Since then, he has become a customer, a friend and a trusted advisor. Four weeks into our implementation at App Annie, Don asked me for a job. I had to think long and hard about it, because back then I didn’t think then we needed a ‘Sales Ops’ person. I thought we needed a Hunter, a hard-nosed heavy hitter.

But, in the short time since then, and after seeing our Inside Sales team develop in San Francisco, I’ve learned that two things are important in sales:

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  • Inspiration – bringing insights, experience and real-life stories to your customers is now more important than the features and functions in your product.
  • Perspiration – building a process around sales development, follow-ups, effective meetings and opportunity management is what gets deals over the line.

Don brings both of those qualities in abundance. From the first day we spoke, he bought into our mission to bring a data-driven approach and predictability to sales. At App Annie, he proved the practical benefits that predictive analytics can bring to sales organizations. I’m looking forward to him telling that story to more and more of our customers and prospects.

As a practical sales leader, he understands that some tools slow sales people down and others speed them up. I know he will be an advocate for features that enable sales reps in our weekly product meetings and I’m confident his insights will help us bring more and more value to our customers.

We look forward to the next few months of stellar growth with Don at the helm.

Ray Smith
CEO of Datahug

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