CallidusCloud Acquires Datahug

We would like to let you know the great news that Datahug is now part of CallidusCloud.

This is a strategic acquisition for CallidusCloud and one that both parties are very excited about. The intent is to accelerate innovation and to continue to be the leader in the predictive forecasting, pipeline management and sales analytics space.

Before we tell you about CallidusCloud, we want to share our commitment to you to continue to innovate, support and expand the capabilities of your subscription to the Datahug platform.

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The great team that has served you for years will continue to support you with additional resources now available as part of CallidusCloud. All the team will be joining and we are excited about expanding the footprint in Dublin, Ireland, becoming the hub for predictive analytics and artificial intelligence for CallidusCloud.

There will be no commercial surprises and we look forward to partnering with you and delivering an unrivaled customer experience through 2016 and beyond. We are committed to the current roadmap in addition to adding new, industry-defining features.

CallidusCloud is a global, public, billion dollar SaaS company, headquartered in Dublin, California. It is a leader in sales, marketing, learning and customer experience technologies, serving millions of users in the cloud. We are very excited about the opportunity to leverage the resources at CallidusCloud to accelerate our innovation, extend our global reach and deliver more value to you.

Through the combination of Datahug and CallidusCloud, we expect to bring you the simplest to use, most cost effective, and richest platform on the market for predictive forecasting and sales analytics that will accelerate sales cycles and improve win rates.

Ray Smith, CEO Datahug & Leslie Stretch, President and CEO, CallidusCloud

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