The Hidden Cost of Email

Email is not free. In fact, it can be very expensive.

In their research entitled “The cost of email interruption”, Professors Jackson, Burguess and Edwards, at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom, found that one company with 2850 users spent 9.8 million pounds reading email every year. They established that on average it took 76 seconds to read each message and that the average time to recover from the interruption was an additional 64 seconds.

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Datahug to speak at Velocity conference with Seth Godin and former Xerox CEO

Dealmaker Velocity NY 2011 is for progressive business leaders, particularly in sales, marketing and sales operations, who want to sell smarter and manage better, and continuously meet or exceed revenue and profitability goals. It is about innovation; the convergence of sales knowledge, intelligence, methodologies, and technology; combining to fundamentally change sales velocity and management results.

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Conflict of interest searches are costing the legal industry time and money

‘Time is our most valuable and scarcest resource’

– The Managing Partner of every law firm in the world –

Having come from a large law firm where every minute was metered and charged, I could instantly see the time and money saving possibilities for law firms that embrace Datahug. e.g use it for a targeted conflict check… Conflict checking is a necessary evil of a law firm’s sales process and generally involves a partner emailing the whole firm going “ any reason we can’t act for “Mr. X” in a case that will be adverse to “ABC Limited”…speak now or forever hold your peace..”

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Our August Product Update

Datahug ‘Group Edition’ launches

We have had some great feedback about our new Group Edition since launching a couple of weeks ago. If you haven’t already joined, Datahug Group Edition is free for the first 5 users and can be setup via the Datahug website. Just the thing to manage your business relationships and unlock your organisations network.

We are also updating our professional and enterprise editions to better meet the needs of larger organizations and more complex integration needs. For example, you can read more about our new impersonation connection option further down.

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