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Sales Performance Index

Your Sales Performance Index™ Report is divided into a summary introduction section and three sub-sections, titled Managing Your PipelineKeeping Salesforce Up To Date and Managing Your Network.

Datahug analyzes communications between you, your Contact Roles and your upcoming Opportunities. Based on this information we are able to provide you with useful insight to improve all areas of your sales process.

Report Summary

Overall Score

At the top of your report, you will see one large figure, and three smaller ones. Let’s give you a quick look at what these mean:

The large circle is your Sales Performance Index™. This is your overall score based primarily on the other three sub scores. A great score is anything above 70% – An average score is between 40% and 70% – Anything below 40% needs improvement.

Note: In order to find out more about each score, look further down your report – this will give you the insight you need to react and improve.

Part 1 – Managing Your Pipeline

Note: If you do not own any Opportunities in Salesforce, you will not see anything here.


Within your report you will see some of your upcoming Opportunities based on close date. Datahug looks at the levels of communication between you and people on these deals, providing some insight on how to improve them.

The Datahug Pulse of Communications Chart is shown for selected Opportunities allowing you to visualize your communications with people (Contact Roles) on these deals.

This particular Pulse Chart represents a deal with healthy communications – there is reciprocal contact and the number of emails between you and the people on the deal are growing:

Healthy Deal

And here is an example of a deal with poor communications – mainly outbound emails with little or no response:

Unhealthy Deal

How does it work?

Each Opportunity is listed by name, amount, close date and Datahug Insight. Through experience and research, we have discovered that Opportunities tend to close more often if communication with the Contact Roles is consistent and reciprocal – See below.

This section allows you to quickly see which of your deals may be at risk due to poor communication with your prospects. You can instantly see how to improve communication under the Datahug Insight column.

With the full paid version of Datahug, you would have a single view of all Sales Activity with your prospects. You are then able to track engagement and manage your pipeline efficiently using additional Datahug reporting fields.

How do I improve my score?

To improve this score right now, follow the calls to action buttons which give you some insight on how to improve communications and the likelihood of these deals to close. This may be for example to reach out to a decision maker who has not emailed you recently, schedule a meeting or add some Contact Roles.

This ensures the key people on a deal are covered. You can learn more about the importance of adding and how to add Contact Roles below. The logic is fantastic – a deal is unlikely to close unless there is healthy communications – and until now, it has been impossible to keep track of this in a straight forward, accurate way, without a huge amount of data-entry and management.

Note: Datahug looks at your communication with Contact Roles for each of your Opportunities.

What is a Contact Role?
​A Contact Role on an Opportunity is a contact or person who plays in a specific role in that Opportunity. For example, Tom Howard might be the Decision Maker, and Jane Smith might be the Executive Sponsor on the ABC Corp Opportunity. You can assign a contact role to any contact or person account that affects your account, case, contract, or opportunity.

Why should I use Contact Roles?
Contact Roles help you to go through the process of identifying the Contacts who are key to a deal closing. Using them means you know exactly who you need to target for the decision, for the budget sign off​ and to focus on getting that deal closed. It also makes for easier upsells the following year or the hand over of a won Opportunity to your Account Managers – they immediately know who is important and what role they play. Keeping your manager happy is an added bonus.

Your Sales Performance Index™
For your Sales Performance Index™ Report, Datahug analyzes your communications with Contact Roles at your Opportunities to reduce the noise, and ensure we are providing insight on the Contacts most critical to a deal closing. Don’t worry, in the full paid version of Datahug you can look at Contacts at the Account or even connections that don’t exist in your Salesforce to give you the full 360 degree view of everyone that might touch a deal. Datahug also allows you to add key Contact Roles in a single click.


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Part 2 – Keeping Salesforce Up To Date

Keeping Salesforce Up To Date

This part of the report shows you some of the contacts that you have had communications with but do not exist in Salesforce. We cross reference Salesforce Accounts and Opportunities, to provide you with some of your strongest connections that are not in Salesforce. For each, we measure the strength of your relationship, the last time you sent or received an email from them and the next meeting in your Google Calendar.

You can quickly add any of these contacts to Salesforce by clicking the “Add to Salesforce” button to the right. Datahug even provides the Account the Contact is missing from. Try it – it’s simple!

Note: Datahug matches against Salesforce based on the email address. The connections listed by Datahug as not existing in Salesforce means we did not find their email address in your Salesforce Account. Some of your connections may have multiple email addresses.

Entire Network Analysis

How does it work?

Datahug gives you a single view all your relationships and activity with any Account or Opportunity. Using Datahug you can now quickly and easily add key Contacts that are missing from Accounts. The Relationship score is determined by frequency and depth of contact, as well as the last communication date.

The Next Meeting column populates if you have a meeting scheduled in your Google Calendar with a connection.

How do I improve my score?

To improve this score, add your important connections to Salesforce. Just click the “Add to Salesforce” button beside a connection which will bring you to Salesforce to finalize the Contact creation. Datahug even suggests an Account so there is no manual entry!

With the full paid version of Datahug, this can be done in a single click. We also allow you to automatically add key Contacts to Accounts you specify, meaning you never need to add a Contact again! Having all of your Contacts in one central place not only keeps your manager happy, it also helps you sell more.

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Part 3 – Managing Your Network

In this section, we provide an analysis of your network. You will see how many people and companies you have communicated with in the past 12 months. The bigger your network, the bigger your score.

Then we provide you with 5 of your Contacts and Leads who you have not emailed recently. We know how important your network is to you, and allow you to easily keep in touch. To the right of each person, you will see a button allowing you to email that individual.

Size of Network

Finally, you will see two graphs – The first one shows the percentage of Contact and Leads you have not emailed in the past 6 months. The second breaks down all of your Salesforce Contacts and Leads by their relationship status – how many are active, fading, cold and inactive.


Datahug is suggesting you keep in touch with these people and your network in general. Doing so means you’ll have greater chances of selling in future – these relationships could turn into cross-sell, upsell or even new Opportunities.

How does it work?

We analyze communication between all of your Contacts, Leads and you. With the full paid version of Datahug, you can manage your entire network simply and automatically. Keep on top of those relationships that are important to you.

How do I improve my score?

Grow your network and reach out to those people you haven’t emailed in a while. The top 5 we provide would be a great start.


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