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Webinar: Building the Sales Machine

Presented by Russ Hearl, VP Sales at Datahug

Many sales leaders are able to apply their knowledge towards improving and scaling an existing sales organization. But only a few sales leaders possess the valuable ability to build a high-velocity sales machine from the group up. After all, optimizing each stage of the sales funnel is no simple task.

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Cultivating a Sales Culture of Transparency

Building a sales culture of transparency and accountability is a new concept for most sales teams. In an environment filled with strong personalities, this can be a difficult thing to accomplish. You may have hired a group of sales managers and salespeople who hold their cards firmly close to the chest. They bring home the big deals at the end of the quarter and don’t expect to account for their activities in the interim.

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Shifting Your Startup from Product Mode to Sales Mode

For companies building B2B software, there comes a time when the focus must shift from product mode to sales mode. Products don’t sell themselves, and you always anticipate the day you’ll have to hire top salespeople, sales engineers and sales management to push growth to the next level. When the time came for Datahug to make that shift, we had such an awesome product and strong initial traction that I assumed the transition would be seamless.

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Don’t Make These Common Revenue Mistakes

Calculating Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and applying it to strategic business decisions can get ridiculously complicated when a sales organization is juggling hundreds of customers and thousands of prospects. Proper discipline and awareness of the following pitfalls can make a sales operations manager the beacon of reason in the otherwise messy process of calculating subscription revenue.
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Four Focus Areas to Win in H2

The first half of 2015 is complete, posing a challenge and an opportunity. For those of us in sales, this is a key time to evaluate our work and make adjustments that can take our operations to the next level. As businesses prepare for the second half of the year, here are four focus areas to set your sales organization up for a stellar H2.
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When a Sales Rep Leaves, The Deals Don’t Have To Die

We’ve all had situations where a salesperson leaves your company, you divvy up his or her deals among the team, and those deals wither on the vine because no one knows the key contacts or the real state of the deal. All of the time and effort spent generating that lead, qualifying it as a real deal, and bringing it to a certain stage of engagement is wasted, let alone the potential revenue.

How can you best manage the loss of a good rep?

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5 Step Detox Plan for your Sales Pipeline

It’s the beginning of a New Year and everywhere you look there are signs for cleanses, detoxes and fasts to jump-start 2015. Starting with a clean slate doesn’t just apply to personal health and is often overlooked in sales organizations.

Unfortunately, many pipeline reports are a little unhealthy right now, as deals that didn’t close last month ended up being pushed into the new quarter. Now you’re struggling to tell the difference between the opportunities that have a realistic chance of success and the ones that are well past their sell-by date.

How do sales managers know how much quality pipeline they really have?

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Why Great Sales People Don’t Quit

Seth Godin wrote the book on quitting. “The Dip” describes how, in life, you can be more successful by picking your battles. His philosophy is that people need to learn the difference between what he calls “Dips” and “Cliffs”.

“Dips” are scenarios where it is worth being persistent. There may be no reward in the short run, but perseverance pays off over time. “Cliffs”, on the other hand, are situations where no amount of additional effort will lead to success.

So, how do you know when to quit on a sales prospect?

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What Sales People Really Want

I started my career in a sales recruiting role with an innovative startup that set out to provide guidance and opportunities for salespeople, and to council and support rapidly growing Silicon Valley tech companies.

In talking with possibly thousands of sales professionals, I heard a common theme in what they were looking for in a new opportunity. They wanted money (no surprise there), but they also wanted support, a place where they can hit their number and – this is big – not to be micro-managed. Salespeople dread those tedious weekly meetings with over-zealous sales leadership where they walk through every opportunity and discuss the progress or lack of progress with every deal in the pipeline. At the end of the day, a salesperson wants to close as many deals as possible without having someone breathing down their neck.

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