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The Five Most Expensive Mistakes Your Sales Team Is Making with Forecasting

Let’s be very clear: Nobody likes sales forecasting. Long seen as an administrative task, it’s a pain for everyone involved. Setting up territories, quotas, compensation plans and pricing can be a complex once-off task with lots of stakeholders. But forecasting is a regular, weekly cadence of misery.

Despite this status as one of the most hated tasks in the office, sales forecasting is incredibly important for your business. Your sales forecast is much more than a prediction of the number that your vice president of sales is going to bring in at the end of the quarter. On average, 37 percent of sales management time is spent on forecasting. Sales forecasts are a way to self-assess your performance so far and a key indicator of the health of your company.

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How I Sold My Sales Team On These 7 Steps For Scale

Getting your sales team into scaling mode is an exciting time with many new challenges. As a CEO, your leadership style needs to change to reflect this new phase. You can no longer make decisions on every aspect of the business and expect people to fall into line. You end up relying on setting the best example in your day-to-day activities so that each department follows that example in theirs. As teams form and leaders emerge, core values and culture make more of an impact than directives and mandates.

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Can You Call the Deal?

Sales teams spend hours deliberating over whether each deal in their pipeline has a chance to close. Even for salespeople who don’t own a forecast, predicting the fate of a deal is a fact of life. Accurate foresight into whether a deal will close or fail is hugely valuable. But making that call is no easy task. Most companies don’t have full visibility into their sales pipeline, meaning these predictions get made based on incomplete information. You rely on instinct to fill in the gaps in their CRM data.

When your instinct tells you a deal is going to close, do you trust it? To see how well you’ve honed your senses, take Datahug’s latest quiz: Can You Call the Deal?


The Four Industry Trends Changing Sales

The modern tech boom has produced an enormous amount of change to enterprise business models. Every aspect of the enterprise has been examined and targeted for disruption by start-ups and established titans alike. Some departments like IT, advertising and marketing have been experiencing upheaval for years. But sales organizations have remained mostly unchanged until very recently. For any company that relies on teams of salespeople to drive revenue, there are a number of tectonic shifts occurring that stand to turn the practice on its head.

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Datahug Welcomes Don Otvos – by Ray Smith

I’m proud to welcome Don Otvos as our VP of Inside Sales and Sales Operations at Datahug. Don has over 20 years’ experience in high-tech sales leadership at companies like Yammer and App Annie. It is a huge moment for us as Don is one of the best known and well respected Sales Operations professionals in Silicon Valley.

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When a Sales Rep Leaves, The Deals Don’t Have To Die

We’ve all had situations where a salesperson leaves your company, you divvy up his or her deals among the team, and those deals wither on the vine because no one knows the key contacts or the real state of the deal. All of the time and effort spent generating that lead, qualifying it as a real deal, and bringing it to a certain stage of engagement is wasted, let alone the potential revenue.

How can you best manage the loss of a good rep?

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