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Sales Compensation Plans That Optimize For Growth

Designing a sales compensation plan requires a little bit of art and a little bit of science. I’ve seen sales compensation plans that were too complex for any salesperson to understand. And I’ve seen others that incentivized the wrong behavior. Regardless of whether you work in a startup or a large enterprise, here are some guiding principles for building compensation plans for Sales Development teams and Sales teams.

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Four Sales Activities That Kill Sales Performance

As a Sales Ops leader and Sales Optimizer, I’m a big believer in the modern consensus that sales performance should be data driven. By studying patterns in behavior of our reps and benchmarking them against success, we have the power to build the most highly optimized sales teams to hit the industry thus far. We can all achieve quota and we can build a repeatable sales process that enables our companies to scale. This approach has been popularized by modern inside sales experts, who champion the process of coaching with metrics as the best way to build a high-performance team.

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Why You Should Think of Sales Operations as Sales Optimization

One of the most exciting developments shaking up sales teams is the realization among sales leadership that Sales Operations can be so much more than a custodial, reporting role. We call it Sales Optimization.

I have been in sales for 22 years, and Sales Operations for 7. The practice has changed dramatically in that span, especially in the very recent past. For a long time, the main responsibility of Sales Operations was administration. They oversaw the systems that kept all the elements of the sales team plugged in together. They reported on the sales pipeline. They pulled the strings behind the scenes so that the organization stayed up and running.

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5 Things Every Sales Ops Manager Wishes Their CEO Knew

Sales ops is a critical, often overlooked role in most companies. The Sales Ops Manager is responsible for maintaining the work environment of the sales team and ensuring that the organization can sell as effectively as possible. They’re also in charge of reporting on the past, present and future work of the sales team, making them one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the organization. CEOs looking to improve the performance of their companies could benefit greatly from a conversation with their Sales Ops Manager.
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What Kind of Sales Coach Are You?

Coaching is what separates good sales teams from great sales teams. According to recent research, 87% of on-the-job training and onboarding is lost within thirty days without coaching or reinforcement activity. But companies that spend at least three hours per month coaching each rep show 11 percent greater revenue growth than those that spend fewer than three hours per month.
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Don’t Make These Common Revenue Mistakes

Calculating Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and applying it to strategic business decisions can get ridiculously complicated when a sales organization is juggling hundreds of customers and thousands of prospects. Proper discipline and awareness of the following pitfalls can make a sales operations manager the beacon of reason in the otherwise messy process of calculating subscription revenue.
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How to Perfect Inside Sales Handoffs

Inside sales handoffs between reps are critical in an Inside Sales team. When the baton is dropped at the handoff, deals slip before they close and customers have poor experiences, leading to churn and missed opportunity. But creating an airtight flow from marketing to business development to account executives to customer success results in happy, satisfied customers and fast sales cycles. Creating this quick-flowing sales process is the goal of every sales leader, but actually achieving it is a huge challenge to most teams, especially when they experience serious growth. It’s common to see otherwise successful sales organizations fall into the trap of turning their managers into drill sergeants. Here’s how to avoid letting it happen to you.
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Why Modern Selling Needs More Rally, Less NASCAR

NASCAR is up there with apple pie and country music as one of the most uniquely American things around. In Europe, they don’t care quite as much as Americans do about NASCAR.

But they do love rally racing.

In NASCAR, cars are optimized to race in a circle as fast as possible, over and over. There is only one route to the finish. In rally, the route has twists and turns and may not be revealed to the competitors until the day of the race. NASCAR is highly predictable, and a huge amount of work goes into preparing and optimizing along a very narrow scope of possible situations. There is only one way to go: Left.

Rallying, on the other hand, requires both a driver and a navigator to think creatively and react to a huge variety of situations to make it to the finish line. Teams get very creative with how they get from point A to point B.

The sales world could learn a lot from the world of rally racing.
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Four Successful Sales Teams Later, Here’s How to Build Yours

Building a sales team is one of the hardest challenges and most important steps to get right for startups looking to scale up their business. It certainly doesn’t come naturally to the average engineer co-founder. But an excellent sales team can make the difference between achieving hyper-growth and having to fight tooth and nail to capture marketshare. Over the course of my career, I’ve scaled up sales teams at three hugely successful startups, and I’m working on my fourth. Every team is different. But I’ve put together the following fundamentals which can help anyone create a cohesive team capable of building a large roster of satisfied customers in today’s digital world. Even if your sales team is already in place, these considerations will help you maximize their effectiveness and continue to grow quickly.
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