How to Run an Effective One-on-one Meeting with Your Sales Rep

Good managers and executives know through experience the importance of frequent, honest personal communication with your employees in order to better understand their situation, their successes and the challenges that they face. Individual meetings benefit both parties: managers are able to keep an ear to the ground about goings-on at the company, while employees are able to voice their concerns and receive personalized advice and feedback.

It’s not enough just to check in with your sales reps while you’re heading back from lunch, even if you do it every day. You need to set aside a block of time away from the daily grind that allows both of you to speak freely about anything that’s on your mind.

Even once you’ve agreed to hold individual meetings, you need to make sure you do it correctly. One-on-one sales rep meetings can either be a productive source of valuable discussion or a boring, unhelpful waste of time for both parties. Follow the five steps below, and you’ll be sure to get the most out of your one-on-one meetings.

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The Five Most Expensive Mistakes Your Sales Team Is Making with Forecasting

Let’s be very clear: Nobody likes sales forecasting. Long seen as an administrative task, it’s a pain for everyone involved. Setting up territories, quotas, compensation plans and pricing can be a complex once-off task with lots of stakeholders. But forecasting is a regular, weekly cadence of misery.

Despite this status as one of the most hated tasks in the office, sales forecasting is incredibly important for your business. Your sales forecast is much more than a prediction of the number that your vice president of sales is going to bring in at the end of the quarter. On average, 37 percent of sales management time is spent on forecasting. Sales forecasts are a way to self-assess your performance so far and a key indicator of the health of your company.

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The Top 3 Pitfalls of Depending on Sales Reps’ Manual Data Entry

As far as technology has advanced in recent years, many sales teams are still relying on reps to enter data manually about their interactions with prospective clients. This data can take the form of notes about their calls with prospects, entering details about a prospect’s contact information, and managing tasks, reminders, and appointments.

Manual CRM data entry, however, is prone to a number of pitfalls that make forecasting problematic. So what are the problems behind relying on manual data entry for your sales team–and what can you do to fix them?

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CallidusCloud Acquires Datahug

We would like to let you know the great news that Datahug is now part of CallidusCloud.

This is a strategic acquisition for CallidusCloud and one that both parties are very excited about. The intent is to accelerate innovation and to continue to be the leader in the predictive forecasting, pipeline management and sales analytics space.

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SF Sales Ops Happy Hour – June 2016

The second SF Sales Ops Happy Hour hosted by Lyft, AlwaysHired, and Datahug was on 6/2 at Lyft Headquarters. Sponsored by Datanyze,, SalesLoft, Inkling, and DocSend, over 200 Sales Ops, Marketing Ops, Sales and Operational professionals, and many others attended to network and learn from each other.

Moderated by Kevin Mannion (VP Marketing, Datahug), Jerry Simonson (Head of Operations & Strategy, Lyft) kicked off the panel talk with a case study on how Lyft built their Sales Operations Team over the past year. The panel talk following Jerry featured Sales Ops leaders such as Christine King (SVP Global Revenue Operations, Innovid), Munish Gandhi (Head of Sales Strategy & Operations, LinkedIn), and Arwa Kaddoura (Senior Director Sales Operations, Xamarin). They discussed improving Sales Efficiencies as well as how Sales Ops, Sales, and Customer Success should be aligned.

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Webinar: Building the Sales Machine

Presented by Russ Hearl, VP Sales at Datahug

Many sales leaders are able to apply their knowledge towards improving and scaling an existing sales organization. But only a few sales leaders possess the valuable ability to build a high-velocity sales machine from the group up. After all, optimizing each stage of the sales funnel is no simple task.

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Four Secrets That Make Slack The Next Salesforce

Salesforce stands alone as the titan of the enterprise cloud. It leads all other cloud businesses in market capitalization ($48B) and year-on-year growth (25%). It has become an acquisition target for Microsoft and Oracle, the largest traditional technology companies out there. Salesforce beat these incumbents in CRM and is now hot on their heels in the enterprise market, offering companies a new way to simplify their entire technology stack.

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San Francisco Sales Ops Happy Hour – March 2016

The first SF Sales Ops Happy Hour, sponsored by Salesloft, Datafox and Nova, and hosted by AlwaysHired and Datahug was a big success. We had 130 people in attendance.

The panel was moderated by Arik Pelkey (Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Datafox). Sales Ops leaders such as Courtney Hays (Sr. Sales Ops Manager, Marketo), Tobias Muellner (Head of Sales Operations, Anaplan), Stephanie Max (Co-founder, AlwaysHired), and Taft Love (Manager of Sales Development and Sales Operations, PandaDoc) discussed the role of Sales Ops and the skills you need for optimizing sales teams’ effectiveness.

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