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With just 2 days and counting, Dreamforce ’14 is fast approaching. And as you plan your schedule, remember: you’re the star at this year’s biggest industry event! It’s time to make the most of Dreamforce!

Our Dreamforce Irish Party has sold out completely. If you’ve booked a ticket, we look forward to seeing you there!

If you weren’t lucky enough to get a ticket, you can book a meeting with us here:

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Check out our full schedule:

Monday 13 OctoberIrish Party – Chieftain Pub – 6pm to late

We’re throwing an old fashioned Irish Party on Monday 13 October. You’re welcome to join us for some Guinness, snacks, and craic.

SOLD OUT – you can still visit the event page for details here

Wednesday 15 October

Sales Acceleration Breakout with Troy Anderson, VP of WW Inside Sales at Qlik

12 – 2 PM – Four Seasons, 757 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103

RSVP here

Thursday 16 October

CRM Adoption Lunch & Learn with Cirrus Insights

Adoption has always been the achilles heel of CRM. How do you effectively encourage your users to use Salesforce? Well we’ve gathered the coolest solutions on the AppExchange that make Salesforce more user friendly, and dare we say fun!

More info here

Remember, you can still book a meeting with us – just click the button!

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See you there!

CPSG Partners Case Study

CPSG Partners is one of fastest growing Information Technology Consultancy Services companies in the US. They are renowned for their quality of service, their entrepreneurial leadership team and their commitment to only hiring the best and the brightest technology consultants. They were recognized as #1 in the Top IT Services Companies on the 2014 Inc. 5000.

In 2013, CPSG Partners and their CEO, Rohit Mehrotra, faced a big challenge. To grow further, they needed to leverage their customer base and utilize the relationships that their consultants were building in the field. Download the latest case study and learn how Datahug helped CPSG Partners.

Datahug Case Study – CPSG Partners

The best way to discover Datahug is to see it in action – Request a demo, and we can run you through the features and benefits in no time.

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Sponsor’s Guide for Dreamforce

You’ve paid the sponsorship fee and preparations are under way. This is one of your biggest marketing investments of the year. Dreamforce is a chance for your company to connect with thousands of potential customers.

How do you make the most of Dreamforce?

This guide will show you how you can go beyond giveaways, scanning badges and collecting business cards to start conversations that drive growth and new opportunities which will be valuable for the next twelve months.

Download and share this guide to “Crushing it at Dreamforce“.
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Attendee’s Guide for Dreamforce

It’s that time of year again. There are lots of great B2B sales & marketing events throughout the year, but Dreamforce (’s annual user conference) tops them all. Whether this will be your first time attending or if you’ve been to many, having a game plan and strategy up front for a conference this big is essential.

Are you attending?

Flights booked?       CHECK

Accommodation?    CHECK

The next thing you need is this great guide!

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Why your sales reps won’t hate Next Generation CRM…

In order to get some background for this article, you should read about the evolution of CRM here.

Sales people disliked traditional CRM.

There were a number of reasons why sales people did not like traditional CRM.

  1. Updating CRM required a lot of time
  2. Forecasting was not very accurate
  3. Sharing contacts between team members was not optional
  4. Introducing CRM created so many new constraints
  5. You had to learn how to use it!

These problems were not just a matter of opinion; they were the limitations of extraordinary software
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Qlik – Video Case Study

Qlik is one of the fastest growing Business Intelligence companies in the world. Founded in Sweden, their customer base extends worldwide and they now have over 32,000 customers and 2,000 employees.

Having adopted Datahug in 2013, their goal was initially quite simple – to get more pipeline visibility and to accelerate their sales cycle.

A special thanks to Troy Anderson, VP Worldwide Inside Sales at Qlik and the team in Vancouver for spending a day with the Datahug team.

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Relationship Intelligence Beats Social Selling – How?

Trawling LinkedIn and other Social Networks for prospects and finding connections to them has become a standard ritual for sales development teams and sales people who do their own prospecting.

In addition, social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter have become a means for professionals to create their own brands. Beyond landing that next job, this helps them to expand their reach and show that they understand the marketplace and the challenges of their customers.
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Relationship Intelligence: How Does It Help Sales?

CRM is getting older – wiser – grayer

We’re going to talk you through the two main problems you invariably have, and show you that these are not symptoms of a broken CRM, simply an opportunity to gain an edge over your competitors. You will sell smarter, faster and lose less important sales. Relationship Intelligence for your Sales Team is the solution. You can download our eBook about CRM Problems Facing Sales Managers here.
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Sales Teams Need Predictive Intelligence

“Adding Predictive Intelligence To Sales Gets Companies All Excited. But Native Is Key”

Forbes recently produced a piece on predictive intelligence and we at Datahug couldn’t agree more with the insight [original article].

“Predictive intelligence is now seen as a central part of every application…”

The market sentiment is clear – data science and predictive intelligence is driving a major shift in the expectations of CRM and marketing automation solutions. CRM has long been viewed as a management reporting tool. And for the many that have cycled through failed implementations or struggle day-to-day with it, they will know that data entry, data quality and ultimately adoption are the fundamental and human related stumbling blocks.
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