Acquires RelateIQ for $390M announced today that they plan to acquire Palo Alto based Relationship Intelligence start-up, RelateIQ.

Like Datahug, RelateIQ takes a smarter approach to managing relationships by leveraging insights captured from communications with customers and prospects.

RelateIQ now join the family with an impressive price tag of $390M. The acquisition follows on from a series of investments from top Silicon Valley VCs over the past two years.

At Datahug, we are super-excited to hear the news. Congrats to all involved – Steve Loughlin (CEO), DJ Patil and all the team! It’s always exciting to see other companies proving value for customers and becoming acquisition targets for the giants of CRM.

After investing four years building our platform and growing our customer base, we have seen how the intersection of big data and old-fashioned relationship building can accelerate sales cycles and reveal new opportunities for organizations.

We look forward to continuing to build our partnership with, Microsoft, Sugar CRM and others across the CRM ecosystem. And we hope that you will stay tuned to our social media and blog for more exciting announcements and customer success stories.

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Datahug Sales Index – Announcement

We are excited to announce a new free tool for salespeople – the Datahug Sales Performance Index.

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The SPI uses signals from your communication patterns to identify what actions you can take to move deals in your pipeline and better manage your network.

In an industry dominated by quantitative end of quarter results, the tool provides ongoing qualitative analysis to help improve your sales game throughout the year.

The tool is now available.

As well as a set of actions around existing deals in your pipeline, Datahug provides a score you can use to challenge your colleagues and a guide for improving your score and overall sales performance.

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PSA Financial – Datahug Case Study

PSA is Maryland’s largest independent financial services firm, providing wealth management, retirement plans, employee benefits and risk management solutions. PSA uses Salesforce as their contact database and runs marketing campaigns to customers and prospects using Marketo.

Despite having a workforce of over 100 financial professionals in frequent contact with customers and prospects, PSA did not have visibility into who was talking to whom and could not leverage their business network in an efficient way. Download our latest case study and learn how Datahug helped PSA Financial.

Datahug Case Study – PSA Financial

Contact us and book your demo now – capacity is limited.

Datahug Feature in’s Latest eBook

Datahug feature prominently in’s latest eBook - 100 Ways to Run Your Business from Your Phone

For the past few months, Salesforce have asked users to show how they run their business from their phones. The best examples from sales to marketing, customer service to custom apps, were chosen and compiled into a brand new eBook.

Note that the Datahug app is on the front cover: Top Left
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Build Your High Velocity Sales Team 1 of 2

We’ve provided both an introduction to High Velocity Sales and an outline of the High Velocity Sales model. Now it’s time to show how you could transform your inside sales team into a high-performing, high-velocity machine!

You want to take advantage of evolving market conditions on the fly, reduce cycle time, boost revenue and push more deals into your pipeline. We show you how. Follow this checklist of seven steps to ensure that your sales team reaches its potential.

This post is part one of two.

High Velocity Sales checklist
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High Velocity Sales for Beginners

We’ve put together a series of posts around the topic of High Velocity Sales and will combine them into a great e-book. The ‘what is’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ will all be covered over the coming week.

High Velocity Sales

High Velocity Sales is an inside sales model that will accelerate your revenue. It involves utilization of specialized teams and tools to operate effectively. There is a requirement for consistent prcesses and clearly defined weekly metrics.
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Top Articles for Sales Managers #1

If Saas Products Sell Themselves, Why Do We Need Sales?

This is a long article, so we’ll summarize some of the main points for you. We recommend reading the whole thing though. Enjoy and share!

Mark Cranney of Andreesen Horowitz writes, “One of the myths of Saas is that the products are so good, so easy to use, so quick to deploy … that the product sells itself.” Yes, in a perfect world!
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